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Concert venues


Equipment rental

Feel the beat
on a concert tour

European Top Tours is tuned in with concert places,
rental of instruments and all tour arrangements.
We go above and beyond for your performing groups.


“Meet and Greet”


Multi-lingual escort

Concert tours are our absolute forte

We follow your tempo and assist you in conducting the perfect personalized tour for your choirs, orchestras or bands’ memorable and important musical experience.

We have expert knowledge and contacts for meticulously orchestrating whatever
concert venues you dream of according to your group’s size, musical genre and level. Historical cathedrals, courtyards of castles, town squares, parks, university halls or auditoriums and much more…

We compose the tour around the concerts, not vice versa.
The performances and rehearsals are the key themes, around which we facilitate an enjoyable divertimento of visits to European monuments and museums, as well as castles, heritage villages and breathtaking views of natural wonders to make your tour unforgettable.

For a richer experience, we invite local choirs and orchestras to attend concerts, and we also coordinate “Meet and Greets” to initiate a lifelong friendship with fellow European music lovers.

We do our utmost to attract the largest audience by personally promoting your concert, using a variety of media; posts on internet sites, ads and articles in newspapers, emailing, radio and TV announcements, posters and handbills hung on strategic displays.

To cut transport costs of bulky instruments like timpani or string basses, we rent those instruments for you either locally or for the whole tour.

And to enhance a harmonious, stress-free and upbeat concert tour, we offer highly experienced, multi-lingual tour escorts, specially chosen for their keen interest and knowledge in music.