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Performing Arts


Studying abroad opens
windows on the world

Encouraging young people to learn a foreign language leads to a better understanding of other nations.
What better way to bring the world closer to peace?

Art & Culture


New Friends

We assist agencies, schools and universities in organizing language and study tours in Europe. We believe that learning outside the classroom in a whole new athmosphere brings the subject to life, broadening your student‘s horizons. It creates memories to last a life time.

We arrange the tours to meet any particular interest and take care of contacts and interactions with professors and faculties at universities.

Whether studying language and culture, classics and archaeology, performing arts, history, governement and politics, geography or partaking in a student conference or event, we strive to provide a high quality educational experience for every budget.

Communication is crucial

Taking a group of students abroad is an important part of mastering a language or any particular subject. But it is a great responsibility and can be stressful for the teachers.

We know that when you put together an educational program you need a partner that really understands the importance of every detail.

That‘s why we work alongside the organizers through every step and there is no detail that we do not take seriously, to give your group the most complete peace of mind.